The castle
Château de Lannuguy

The chateau of Lannuguy was rebuilt in 1850 on older foundations by a shipowning family,and from there, they could see their boats transporting their merchandise to the port of Morlaix.

The chateau is situated at the confluence of the Morlaix and Pénélé rivers, hidden behind its stone walls and its stately trees, only a boat sailing towards the sea can catch a glimpse of its white towers.


History :

Before 1789 the owner of the chateau was JeanHersart de la Villemarqué, the last royal lieutenant, governor of the chateau du taureau.
Rebuilt in 1850, Lannuguy became the property of the Kergariou family around 1870. The famous local painter known as Kerga was born there in 1899. An other noble family, the de Kersauzon, bought the chateau in 1902.

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